Phishing fraud protection

In today’s IT communication environment fraud attempts using known brands are always a risk.

Please be aware that NO CLES Resources representative will ever request payment of any kind from a candidate or an associate during a job search or a selection process.

Using phishing techniques and malwares tricksters who are in no way related to the CLES Resources may use our Name and trademarks fraudulently.

These persons may use e-mails, letter, telephone calls and other actions as illegitimate attempts to obtain money and access to job seekers’ personal and confidential information.


Before releasing any personal information, ID or bank account details during a job search process, make sure your contact is an authorised CLES Resources representative. You can confirm it by getting in touch with a CLES Resources office.

Beware of any unexpected e-mail, instant message, voicemail or fax that claims to be from CLES Resources. If you receive such a message, get in touch with a CLES Resources office and verify that the message is legitimate.

If you believe that you have been victim of such frauds, we strongly recommend that you report the incident to local authorities.


If you would like to report an abuse of the CLES Resources / affiliates name and trademark, please contact CLES Resources in the country where the incident occurred. If we do not operate in the Country, please notify: